Keycloak 6.0.0 released

Wednesday, April 17 2019

To download the release go to Keycloak downloads.

WildFly 16 Upgrade

Keycloak server was upgraded to use WildFly 16 under the covers.

SmallRye Health and Metrics extensions

Keycloak now comes enabled with the SmallRye Health and Metrics extensions which provides standard health and metrics endpoints. We will add some documentation as well as Keycloak specific metrics soon.

PS256 support

Thanks to tnorimat Keycloak now has support for signing and verifying tokens with PS256.

MP-JWT Client Scope

New built-in client scope to make it easy to issue tokens following the Eclipse MicroProfile specification.

All resolved issues

The full list of resolved issues are available in JIRA


Before you upgrade remember to backup your database and check the upgrade guide for anything that may have changed.