Keycloak 12.0.0 released

Wednesday, December 16 2020

To download the release go to Keycloak downloads.


Keycloak.X distribution preview

Introduction a preview of the new and upcoming Keycloak.X distribution. This distribution is powered by Quarkus, bringing significant improvements to startup time and memory consumption, as well as making it a lot easier to configure Keycloak.

New Account console is now the default

The new account console is no longer a preview feature and is now the default account console in Keycloak. The old account console will stay around for a while. For those that have a custom theme for the old account console the old console will be used by default, giving you the time to update your custom theme to the new account console.

OpenID Connect Back-Channel Logout

Support for OpenID Connect Back-Channel Logout is now available, thanks to DaSmoo and benjamin37.

Upgrade to Wildfly 21

The Keycloak server was upgraded to use Wildfly 21 as the underlying container.

Ability to request AuthnContext in SAML identity provider

Support for specification of AuthnContext section in authentication requests issued by SAML identity provider has been added.

Thanks to lscorcia

FAPI RW support and initial support to Client policies

There was lots of the work done to have support for Financial-grade API Read and Write API Security Profile (FAPI RW). This is available with the usage of Client policies and it is still in the preview state. You can expect more polishing in the next releases. Thanks to Takashi Norimatsu and all the members of the FAPI Special interest group.

Upgrade login theme to PatternFly 4

The Keycloak login theme components have been upgraded to PatternFly 4. The old PatternFly 3 runs simultaneously with the new one, so it’s possible to have PF3 components there.

There are also design changes in the login theme for better user experience. You can even define an icon for your custom Identity providers. For details, please refer to the docs.

Gatekeeper EOL

Gatekeeper reached end of life, in November 21. This means that we no longer support, or update it. The announcement is available here.

Other improvements

  • Support for OAuth2 Client Credentials grant without refresh token and without user session. Thanks to Thomas Darimont

  • Support for send access tokens to the OAuth2 Revocation endpoint

All resolved issues

The full list of resolved issues are available in JIRA


Before you upgrade remember to backup your database and check the upgrade guide for anything that may have changed.