Class ImportUtils

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      • ImportUtils

        public ImportUtils()
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      • importRealm

        public static boolean importRealm​(KeycloakSession session,
                                          RealmRepresentation rep,
                                          Strategy strategy,
                                          boolean skipUserDependent)
        Fully import realm from representation, save it to model and return model of newly created realm
        session -
        rep -
        strategy - specifies whether to overwrite or ignore existing realm or user entries
        skipUserDependent - If true, then import of any models, which needs users already imported in DB, will be skipped. For example authorization
        newly imported realm (or existing realm if ignoreExisting is true and realm of this name already exists)
      • importFromStream

        public static void importFromStream​(KeycloakSession session,
                                            com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper mapper,
                                            InputStream is,
                                            Strategy strategy)
                                     throws IOException
        Fully import realm (or more realms from particular stream)
        session -
        mapper -
        is -
        strategy -