Interface SingleUseTokenStoreProvider

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    public interface SingleUseTokenStoreProvider
    extends Provider
    Provides single-use cache for OAuth2 code parameter. Used to ensure that particular value of code parameter is used once. TODO: For now, it is separate provider as CodeToTokenStoreProvider, however will be good to merge those 2 providers to "SingleUseCacheProvider" in the future as they provide very similar thing
    Marek Posolda
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        boolean putIfAbsent​(String tokenId,
                            int lifespanInSeconds)
        Will try to put the token into the cache. It will success just if token is not already there.
        tokenId -
        lifespanInSeconds - Minimum lifespan for which successfully added token will be kept in the cache.
        true if token was successfully put into the cache. This means that same token wasn't in the cache before