Class HotRodClientEntity

    • Field Detail

      • entityVersion

        @ProtoDoc("@Field(index = Index.YES, store = Store.YES)")
        public Integer entityVersion
      • id

        @ProtoDoc("@Field(index = Index.YES, store = Store.YES)")
        public String id
      • realmId

        @ProtoDoc("@Field(index = Index.YES, store = Store.YES)")
        public String realmId
      • clientId

        @ProtoDoc("@Field(index = Index.YES, store = Store.YES)")
        public String clientId
      • clientIdLowercase

        @ProtoDoc("@Field(index = Index.YES, store = Store.YES)")
        public String clientIdLowercase
        Lowercase interpretation of clientId field. Infinispan doesn't support case-insensitive LIKE for non-analyzed fields. Search on analyzed fields can be case-insensitive (based on used analyzer) but doesn't support ORDER BY analyzed field.
      • name

        public String name
      • description

        public String description
      • redirectUris

        public Set<String> redirectUris
      • enabled

        public Boolean enabled
      • alwaysDisplayInConsole

        public Boolean alwaysDisplayInConsole
      • clientAuthenticatorType

        public String clientAuthenticatorType
      • secret

        public String secret
      • registrationToken

        public String registrationToken
      • protocol

        public String protocol
      • attributes

        @ProtoDoc("@Field(index = Index.YES, store = Store.YES)")
        public Set<HotRodAttributeEntity> attributes
      • authenticationFlowBindingOverrides

        public Set<HotRodPair<String,​String>> authenticationFlowBindingOverrides
      • publicClient

        public Boolean publicClient
      • fullScopeAllowed

        public Boolean fullScopeAllowed
      • frontchannelLogout

        public Boolean frontchannelLogout
      • notBefore

        public Long notBefore
      • scope

        public Set<String> scope
      • webOrigins

        public Set<String> webOrigins
      • surrogateAuthRequired

        public Boolean surrogateAuthRequired
      • managementUrl

        public String managementUrl
      • baseUrl

        public String baseUrl
      • bearerOnly

        public Boolean bearerOnly
      • consentRequired

        public Boolean consentRequired
      • rootUrl

        public String rootUrl
      • standardFlowEnabled

        public Boolean standardFlowEnabled
      • implicitFlowEnabled

        public Boolean implicitFlowEnabled
      • directAccessGrantsEnabled

        public Boolean directAccessGrantsEnabled
      • serviceAccountsEnabled

        public Boolean serviceAccountsEnabled
      • nodeReRegistrationTimeout

        public Integer nodeReRegistrationTimeout
    • Constructor Detail

      • HotRodClientEntity

        public HotRodClientEntity()