Class EventListenerIntegrator

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    public class EventListenerIntegrator
    extends Object
    implements org.hibernate.integrator.spi.Integrator
    Adding listeners to Hibernate's entity manager for the JPA Map store. This used to be a JPA map storage specific configuration via the Hibernate option hibernate.integrator_provider which worked in an Undertow setup but not in a Quarkus setup. As this will be called for both the legacy store and the new JPA Map store, it first checks if the JPA Map store has been enabled. A follow-up issue to track this is here: #13219
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      • EventListenerIntegrator

        public EventListenerIntegrator()
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      • integrate

        public void integrate​(org.hibernate.boot.Metadata metadata,
                              org.hibernate.engine.spi.SessionFactoryImplementor sessionFactoryImplementor,
                              org.hibernate.service.spi.SessionFactoryServiceRegistry sessionFactoryServiceRegistry)
        Specified by:
        integrate in interface org.hibernate.integrator.spi.Integrator
      • disintegrate

        public void disintegrate​(org.hibernate.engine.spi.SessionFactoryImplementor sessionFactoryImplementor,
                                 org.hibernate.service.spi.SessionFactoryServiceRegistry sessionFactoryServiceRegistry)
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        disintegrate in interface org.hibernate.integrator.spi.Integrator