Class ResteasyClientClassicProvider

    • Constructor Detail

      • ResteasyClientClassicProvider

        public ResteasyClientClassicProvider()
    • Method Detail

      • newRestEasyClient

        public newRestEasyClient​(Object customJacksonProvider,
                                                           SSLContext sslContext,
                                                           boolean disableTrustManager)
        Description copied from interface: ResteasyClientProvider
        Creates a new Client.
        Specified by:
        newRestEasyClient in interface ResteasyClientProvider
        customJacksonProvider - a MessageBodyReader and/or MessageBodyWriter instance.
        sslContext - an optional SSLContext
        disableTrustManager - if the client should not validate the server certificates when using TLS
      • targetProxy

        public <R> R targetProxy​( client,
                                 Class<R> targetClass)
        Description copied from interface: ResteasyClientProvider
        Creates a implementation-specific proxy for a given targetClass.
        Specified by:
        targetProxy in interface ResteasyClientProvider
        client - the WebTarget instance
        targetClass - the JAX-RS client resource class
        an instance of targetClass