Interface ValidationContext

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    public interface ValidationContext
    extends FormContext
    Interface that encapsulates the current validation that is being performed. Calling success() or validationError() sets the status of this current validation.
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    Bill Burke
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      • validationError

        void validationError​(<String,​String> formData,
                             List<FormMessage> errors)
        Mark this validation as having a validation error
        formData - form data you want to display when the form is refreshed
        errors - error messages to display on the form
      • error

        void error​(String error)
      • success

        void success()
        Mark this validation as sucessful
      • excludeOtherErrors

        void excludeOtherErrors()
        The error messages of this current validation will take precedence over any others. Other error messages will not be shown. This is useful to prevent validation from leaking to an attacker. For example, the recaptcha validator calls this method so that usernames cannot be phished