Interface UpdateProfileContext

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    SerializedBrokeredIdentityContext, UserUpdateProfileContext

    public interface UpdateProfileContext
    Abstraction, which allows to display updateProfile page in various contexts (Required action of already existing user, or first identity provider login when user doesn't yet exists in Keycloak DB)
    Marek Posolda
    • Method Detail

      • isEditUsernameAllowed

        boolean isEditUsernameAllowed()
      • getUsername

        String getUsername()
      • setUsername

        void setUsername​(String username)
      • isEditEmailAllowed

        boolean isEditEmailAllowed()
      • setEmail

        void setEmail​(String email)
      • getFirstName

        String getFirstName()
      • setFirstName

        void setFirstName​(String firstName)
      • getLastName

        String getLastName()
      • setLastName

        void setLastName​(String lastName)
      • setSingleAttribute

        void setSingleAttribute​(String name,
                                String value)
      • getFirstAttribute

        String getFirstAttribute​(String name)
      • getAttributeStream

        Stream<String> getAttributeStream​(String name)
        Obtains all values associated with the specified attribute name.
        name - the name of the attribute.
        a non-null Stream of attribute values.