Class OAuth2IdentityProviderConfig

    • Constructor Detail

      • OAuth2IdentityProviderConfig

        public OAuth2IdentityProviderConfig()
    • Method Detail

      • getAuthorizationUrl

        public String getAuthorizationUrl()
      • setAuthorizationUrl

        public void setAuthorizationUrl​(String authorizationUrl)
      • getTokenUrl

        public String getTokenUrl()
      • setTokenUrl

        public void setTokenUrl​(String tokenUrl)
      • getUserInfoUrl

        public String getUserInfoUrl()
      • setUserInfoUrl

        public void setUserInfoUrl​(String userInfoUrl)
      • getClientId

        public String getClientId()
      • setClientId

        public void setClientId​(String clientId)
      • getClientAuthMethod

        public String getClientAuthMethod()
      • setClientAuthMethod

        public void setClientAuthMethod​(String clientAuth)
      • getClientSecret

        public String getClientSecret()
      • setClientSecret

        public void setClientSecret​(String clientSecret)
      • getDefaultScope

        public String getDefaultScope()
      • setDefaultScope

        public void setDefaultScope​(String defaultScope)
      • isJWTAuthentication

        public boolean isJWTAuthentication()
      • isBasicAuthentication

        public boolean isBasicAuthentication()
      • isUiLocales

        public boolean isUiLocales()
      • setUiLocales

        public void setUiLocales​(boolean uiLocales)
      • getPrompt

        public String getPrompt()
      • getForwardParameters

        public String getForwardParameters()
      • setForwardParameters

        public void setForwardParameters​(String forwardParameters)
      • isPkceEnabled

        public boolean isPkceEnabled()
      • setPkceEnabled

        public void setPkceEnabled​(boolean enabled)
      • getPkceMethod

        public String getPkceMethod()
      • setPkceMethod

        public String setPkceMethod​(String method)
      • getClientAssertionSigningAlg

        public String getClientAssertionSigningAlg()
      • setClientAssertionSigningAlg

        public void setClientAssertionSigningAlg​(String signingAlg)
      • validate

        public void validate​(RealmModel realm)
        Description copied from class: IdentityProviderModel

        Validates this configuration.

        Sub-classes can override this method in order to enforce provider specific validations.

        validate in class IdentityProviderModel
        realm - the realm