Class TopologyInfo

    • Constructor Detail

      • TopologyInfo

        public TopologyInfo​(org.infinispan.manager.EmbeddedCacheManager cacheManager,
                            Config.Scope config,
                            boolean embedded)
    • Method Detail

      • getMyNodeName

        public String getMyNodeName()
      • getMySiteName

        public String getMySiteName()
      • amIOwner

        public boolean amIOwner​(org.infinispan.Cache cache,
                                Object key)
        True if I am primary owner of the key in case of distributed caches. In case of local caches, always return true
      • getRouteName

        public String getRouteName​(org.infinispan.Cache cache,
                                   Object key)
        Get route to be used as the identifier for sticky session. Return null if I am not able to find the appropriate route (or in case of local mode)