Interface JpaEntityProvider

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    public interface JpaEntityProvider
    extends Provider
    Erik Mulder A JPA Entity Provider can supply extra JPA entities that the Keycloak system should include in it's entity manager. The entities should be provided as a list of Class objects.
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      • getEntities

        List<Class<?>> getEntities()
        Return the entities that should be added to the entity manager.
        list of class objects
      • getChangelogLocation

        String getChangelogLocation()
        Return the location of the Liquibase changelog that facilitates the extra JPA entities. This should be a location that can be found on the same classpath as the entity classes.
        a changelog location or null if not needed
      • getFactoryId

        String getFactoryId()
        Return the ID of provider factory, which created this provider. Might be used to "compute" the table name of liquibase changelog table.
        ID of provider factory