Class AbstractUserProfileBean.Attribute

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
      • getDisplayName

        public String getDisplayName()
      • getValue

        public String getValue()
      • isRequired

        public boolean isRequired()
      • isReadOnly

        public boolean isReadOnly()
      • getAutocomplete

        public String getAutocomplete()
        define value of the autocomplete attribute for html input tag. if null then no html input tag attribute is added
      • getValidators

        public Map<String,​Map<String,​Object>> getValidators()
        Get info about validators applied to attribute.
        never null, map where key is validatorId and value is map with configuration for given validator (loaded from UserProfile configuration, never null)
      • getGroup

        public String getGroup()
      • getGroupDisplayHeader

        public String getGroupDisplayHeader()
      • getGroupDisplayDescription

        public String getGroupDisplayDescription()