Interface ClientSessionContext

    • Method Detail

      • getClientScopeIds

        Set<String> getClientScopeIds()
      • getClientScopesStream

        Stream<ClientScopeModel> getClientScopesStream()
        Returns client scopes as a stream.
        Stream of client scopes. Never returns null.
      • getRolesStream

        Stream<RoleModel> getRolesStream()
        Returns all roles including composite ones as a stream.
        Stream of RoleModel. Never returns null.
      • getProtocolMappersStream

        Stream<ProtocolMapperModel> getProtocolMappersStream()
        Returns protocol mappers as a stream.
        Stream of protocol mappers. Never returns null.
      • getScopeString

        String getScopeString()
      • setAttribute

        void setAttribute​(String name,
                          Object value)
      • getAttribute

        <T> T getAttribute​(String attribute,
                           Class<T> clazz)