Interface KeycloakContext

    • Method Detail

      • getAuthServerUrl

        URI getAuthServerUrl()
      • getContextPath

        String getContextPath()
      • getUri

        KeycloakUriInfo getUri()
        Returns the URI assuming it is a frontend request. To resolve URI for a backend request use getUri(UrlType)
      • getUri

        KeycloakUriInfo getUri​(UrlType type)
        Returns the URI. If a frontend request (from user-agent) @frontendRequest should be set to true. If a backend request (request from a client) should be set to false. Depending on the configure hostname provider it may return a hard-coded base URL for frontend request (for example and use the request URL for backend requests. Frontend URI should also be used for realm issuer fields in tokens.
        type - the type of the request
      • getRequestHeaders getRequestHeaders()
      • getContextObject

        <T> T getContextObject​(Class<T> clazz)
      • getAuthenticationSession

        AuthenticationSessionModel getAuthenticationSession()
        Get current AuthenticationSessionModel, can be null out of the AuthenticationSession context.
        current AuthenticationSessionModel or null