Interface SubjectCredentialManager

    • Method Detail

      • isValid

        boolean isValid​(List<CredentialInput> inputs)
        Validate a list of credentials.
        true if inputs are valid
      • isValid

        default boolean isValid​(CredentialInput... inputs)
        Validate a list of credentials.
        true if inputs are valid
      • updateCredential

        boolean updateCredential​(CredentialInput input)
        Updates a credential of the entity with the inputs provided by the entity.
        true if credentials have been updated successfully
      • removeStoredCredentialById

        boolean removeStoredCredentialById​(String id)
        Updates a credential of the entity with an updated CredentialModel. Usually called by a CredentialProvider, or from the account management when a user removes, for example, an OTP token.
      • getStoredCredentialById

        CredentialModel getStoredCredentialById​(String id)
        Read a stored credential.
      • getStoredCredentialsStream

        Stream<CredentialModel> getStoredCredentialsStream()
        Read stored credentials as a stream.
      • getStoredCredentialsByTypeStream

        Stream<CredentialModel> getStoredCredentialsByTypeStream​(String type)
        Read stored credentials by type as a stream.
      • moveStoredCredentialTo

        boolean moveStoredCredentialTo​(String id,
                                       String newPreviousCredentialId)
        Re-order the stored credentials.
      • updateCredentialLabel

        void updateCredentialLabel​(String credentialId,
                                   String credentialLabel)
        Update the label for a stored credentials chosen by the owner of the entity.
      • disableCredentialType

        void disableCredentialType​(String credentialType)
        Disable a credential by type.
      • getDisableableCredentialTypesStream

        Stream<String> getDisableableCredentialTypesStream()
        List the credentials that can be disabled, for example, to show the list to the entity (aka user) or an admin.
        stream with credential types that can be disabled
      • isConfiguredFor

        boolean isConfiguredFor​(String type)
        Check if the credential type is configured for this entity.
        type - credential type to check
        true if the credential type has been
      • isConfiguredLocally

        boolean isConfiguredLocally​(String type)
      • getConfiguredUserStorageCredentialTypesStream

        Stream<String> getConfiguredUserStorageCredentialTypesStream()