Class DefaultLazyLoader<S,​D>

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    public class DefaultLazyLoader<S,​D>
    extends Object
    implements LazyLoader<S,​D>
    Default implementation of DefaultLazyLoader that only fetches data once. This implementation is not thread-safe and cached data is assumed to not be shared across different threads to sync state.
    Pedro Igor
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      • DefaultLazyLoader

        public DefaultLazyLoader​(Function<S,​D> loader,
                                 Supplier<D> fallback)
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      • get

        public D get​(Supplier<S> sourceSupplier)
        Description copied from interface: LazyLoader
        Returns data from the given source. Data is only fetched from source once and only if necessary, it is up to implementations to decide the momentum to actually fetch data from source.
        Specified by:
        get in interface LazyLoader<S,​D>
        sourceSupplier - the source from where data will be fetched.
        the data from source