Interface MapSubjectCredentialManagerEntity

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    public interface MapSubjectCredentialManagerEntity
    Interface for credential management in entities in the map storage.
    Alexander Schwartz
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      • validateCredentials

        void validateCredentials​(List<CredentialInput> inputs)
        Validate the credentials of a user. Will remove all inputs from the list that have been successfully validated, all remaining entries weren't validated. An empty list signals to the caller that authentication has completed successfully.
        inputs - Credential inputs as provided by a user
      • updateCredential

        boolean updateCredential​(CredentialInput input)
        Update the credentials for a user with the input provided by the user for this store.
        input - new credentials as provided by the user
        true if the credential has been updated successfully, false otherwise. False might indicate that the credential type isn't supported of the new credentials aren't valid.
      • isConfiguredFor

        boolean isConfiguredFor​(String type)
        Check if the entity is configured for the given credential type.
        type - credential type
      • getDisableableCredentialTypesStream

        Stream<String> getDisableableCredentialTypesStream()
        List the credential types that can be disabled for this user.
        Stream of credential types