Interface MapStorageWithAuth<V extends AbstractEntity & UpdatableEntity,​M>

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    public interface MapStorageWithAuth<V extends AbstractEntity & UpdatableEntity,​M>
    extends MapStorage<V,​M>
    Implementing this interface signals that the store can validate credentials. This will be implemented, for example, by a store that supports SPNEGO for Kerberos authentication.
    Alexander Schwartz
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      • supportsCredentialType

        boolean supportsCredentialType​(String type)
        Determine which credential types a store supports. This method should be a cheap way to query the store before creating a more expensive transaction and performing an authentication.
        type - supported credential type by this store, for example CredentialModel.KERBEROS.
        true if the credential type is supported by this storage
      • createTransaction

        MapKeycloakTransactionWithAuth<V,​M> createTransaction​(KeycloakSession session)
        Description copied from interface: MapStorage
        Creates a MapKeycloakTransaction object that tracks a new transaction related to this storage. In case of JPA or similar, the transaction object might be supplied by the container (via JTA) or shared same across storages accessing the same database within the same session; in other cases (e.g. plain map) a separate transaction handler might be created per each storage.
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        createTransaction in interface MapStorage<V extends AbstractEntity & UpdatableEntity,​M>
        See description. Never returns null