Class HotRodTransactionManagerLookup

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    public class HotRodTransactionManagerLookup
    extends Object
    implements org.infinispan.commons.tx.lookup.TransactionManagerLookup
    HotRod client provides its own GenericTransactionManagerLookup that is able to locate variety of JTA transaction implementation present in the runtime. We need to make sure we use JTA only when it is detected by other parts of Keycloak (such as KeycloakTransactionManager), therefore we implemented this custom TransactionManagerLookup that locates JTA transaction using JtaTransactionManagerLookup provider
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      • HotRodTransactionManagerLookup

        public HotRodTransactionManagerLookup​(KeycloakSession session)
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      • getTransactionManager

        public javax.transaction.TransactionManager getTransactionManager()
                                                                   throws Exception
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        getTransactionManager in interface org.infinispan.commons.tx.lookup.TransactionManagerLookup