Class CreateJsonIndexChange

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Cloneable, liquibase.change.Change, liquibase.change.ChangeWithColumns<AddGeneratedColumnConfig>, liquibase.ExtensibleObject, liquibase.plugin.Plugin, liquibase.serializer.LiquibaseSerializable

    public class CreateJsonIndexChange
    extends liquibase.change.AbstractChange
    implements liquibase.change.ChangeWithColumns<AddGeneratedColumnConfig>
    Extension used to create an index for properties of JSON files stored in the database. Some databases, like Postgres, have native support for these indexes while other databases may require different constructs to achieve this (like creation of a separate column based on the JSON property and subsequent indexing of that column).

    Example configuration in the changelog:

         <databaseChangeLog xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
         <changeSet author="keycloak" id="some_id">
             <ext:createJsonIndex tableName="test" indexName="some_index_name">
                 <ext:column jsonColumn="metadata" jsonProperty="name"/>
    The above configuration is creating an inverted (GIN) index for the name property of JSON files stored in column metadata in table test.

    The jsonProperty is optional - when it is absent the index will be created for the whole JSON.

    Stefan Guilhen
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      • CreateJsonIndexChange

        public CreateJsonIndexChange()
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        public String getCatalogName()
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        public void setCatalogName​(String catalogName)
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        public String getSchemaName()
      • setSchemaName

        public void setSchemaName​(String schemaName)
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        public String getTableName()
      • setTableName

        public void setTableName​(String tableName)
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        public String getIndexName()
      • setIndexName

        public void setIndexName​(String indexName)
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        public String getTablespace()
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        public void setTablespace​(String tablespace)
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        public Boolean isUnique()
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        public void setUnique​(Boolean isUnique)
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        public String getAssociatedWith()
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        public void setAssociatedWith​(String associatedWith)
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        public Boolean getClustered()
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        public void setClustered​(Boolean clustered)
      • getConfirmationMessage

        public String getConfirmationMessage()
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        getConfirmationMessage in interface liquibase.change.Change
      • generateStatements

        public liquibase.statement.SqlStatement[] generateStatements​(liquibase.database.Database database)
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        generateStatements in interface liquibase.change.Change
      • createInverses

        protected liquibase.change.Change[] createInverses()
        createInverses in class liquibase.change.AbstractChange
      • checkStatus

        public liquibase.change.ChangeStatus checkStatus​(liquibase.database.Database database)
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        checkStatus in interface liquibase.change.Change
        checkStatus in class liquibase.change.AbstractChange
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        public String getSerializedObjectNamespace()
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        getSerializedObjectNamespace in interface liquibase.serializer.LiquibaseSerializable
        getSerializedObjectNamespace in class liquibase.change.AbstractChange
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        public Object getSerializableFieldValue​(String field)
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        getSerializableFieldValue in interface liquibase.serializer.LiquibaseSerializable
        getSerializableFieldValue in class liquibase.change.AbstractChange