Class LdapMapQuery

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    public class LdapMapQuery
    extends Object
    implements AutoCloseable
    Default IdentityQuery implementation. LDAPQuery should be closed after use in case that pagination was used (initPagination was called) Closing LDAPQuery is very important in case ldapContextManager contains VaultSecret
    Shane Bryzak
    • Constructor Detail

      • LdapMapQuery

        public LdapMapQuery()
    • Method Detail

      • setSearchDn

        public void setSearchDn​(String searchDn)
      • addObjectClasses

        public void addObjectClasses​(Collection<String> objectClasses)
      • addReturningLdapAttribute

        public void addReturningLdapAttribute​(String ldapAttributeName)
      • addReturningReadOnlyLdapAttribute

        public void addReturningReadOnlyLdapAttribute​(String ldapAttributeName)
      • setSearchScope

        public void setSearchScope​(int searchScope)
      • getSearchDn

        public String getSearchDn()
      • getObjectClasses

        public Set<String> getObjectClasses()
      • getReturningLdapAttributes

        public Set<String> getReturningLdapAttributes()
      • getReturningReadOnlyLdapAttributes

        public Set<String> getReturningReadOnlyLdapAttributes()
      • getSearchScope

        public int getSearchScope()
      • getLimit

        public int getLimit()
      • getOffset

        public int getOffset()
      • setModelCriteriaBuilder

        public void setModelCriteriaBuilder​(LdapModelCriteriaBuilder<?,​?,​?> ldapModelCriteriaBuilder)