Class AuthorizationEndpointBase

    • Method Detail

      • handleBrowserAuthenticationRequest

        protected handleBrowserAuthenticationRequest​(AuthenticationSessionModel authSession,
                                                                               LoginProtocol protocol,
                                                                               boolean isPassive,
                                                                               boolean redirectToAuthentication)
        Common method to handle browser authentication request in protocols unified way.
        authSession - for current request
        protocol - handler for protocol used to initiate login
        isPassive - set to true if login should be passive (without login screen shown)
        redirectToAuthentication - if true redirect to flow url. If initial call to protocol is a POST, you probably want to do this. This is so we can disable the back button on browser
        response to be returned to the browser
      • checkSsl

        protected void checkSsl()
      • checkRealm

        protected void checkRealm()