Interface LoginProtocolFactory

    • Method Detail

      • getBuiltinMappers

        Map<String,​ProtocolMapperModel> getBuiltinMappers()
        List of built in protocol mappers that can be used to apply to clients.
      • createDefaultClientScopes

        void createDefaultClientScopes​(RealmModel newRealm,
                                       boolean addScopesToExistingClients)
        Called when new realm is created
        newRealm -
        addScopesToExistingClients - If true, then existing realm clients will be updated (created realm default scopes will be added to them)
      • setupClientDefaults

        void setupClientDefaults​(ClientRepresentation rep,
                                 ClientModel newClient)
        Setup default values for new clients. This expects that the representation has already set up the client
        rep -
        newClient -