Class AuthzEndpointRequestParser

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        public static final int ADDITIONAL_REQ_PARAMS_MAX_MUMBER
        Max number of additional req params copied into client session note to prevent DoS attacks
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        public static final int ADDITIONAL_REQ_PARAMS_MAX_SIZE
        Max size of additional req param value copied into client session note to prevent DoS attacks - params with longer value are ignored
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        public static final Set<String> KNOWN_REQ_PARAMS
        Set of known protocol GET params not to be stored into additionalReqParams}
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      • AuthzEndpointRequestParser

        public AuthzEndpointRequestParser()
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      • extractAdditionalReqParams

        protected void extractAdditionalReqParams​(Map<String,​String> additionalReqParams)
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        protected <T> T replaceIfNotNull​(T previousVal,
                                         T newVal)
      • getParameter

        protected abstract String getParameter​(String paramName)
      • getIntParameter

        protected abstract Integer getIntParameter​(String paramName)
      • keySet

        protected abstract Set<String> keySet()