Class OAuth2CodeParser

    • Constructor Detail

      • OAuth2CodeParser

        public OAuth2CodeParser()
    • Method Detail

      • persistCode

        public static String persistCode​(KeycloakSession session,
                                         AuthenticatedClientSessionModel clientSession,
                                         OAuth2Code codeData)
        Will persist the code to the cache and return the object with the codeData and code correctly set
        session -
        clientSession -
        codeData -
        code parameter to be used in OAuth2 handshake
      • parseCode

        public static OAuth2CodeParser.ParseResult parseCode​(KeycloakSession session,
                                                             String code,
                                                             RealmModel realm,
                                                             EventBuilder event)
        Will parse the code and retrieve the corresponding OAuth2Code and AuthenticatedClientSessionModel. Will also check if code wasn't already used and if it wasn't expired. If it was already used (or other error happened during parsing), then returned parser will have "isIllegalHash" set to true. If it was expired, the parser will have "isExpired" set to true
        session -
        code -
        realm -
        event -