Interface AdapterHttpClientConfig

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    AdapterConfig, Configuration

    public interface AdapterHttpClientConfig
    Configuration options relevant for configuring http client that can be used by adapter. NOTE: keep in sync with adapters/saml/core/src/main/java/org/keycloak/adapters/ until unified.
    • Method Detail

      • getTruststore

        String getTruststore()
        Returns truststore filename.
      • getTruststorePassword

        String getTruststorePassword()
        Returns truststore password.
      • getClientKeystore

        String getClientKeystore()
        Returns keystore with client keys.
      • getClientKeystorePassword

        String getClientKeystorePassword()
        Returns keystore password.
      • isAllowAnyHostname

        boolean isAllowAnyHostname()
        Returns boolean flag whether any hostname verification is done on the server's certificate, true means that verification is not done.
      • isDisableTrustManager

        boolean isDisableTrustManager()
        Returns boolean flag whether any trust management and hostname verification is done.

        NOTE Disabling trust manager is a security hole, so only set this option if you cannot or do not want to verify the identity of the host you are communicating with.

      • getConnectionPoolSize

        int getConnectionPoolSize()
        Returns size of connection pool.
      • getProxyUrl

        String getProxyUrl()
        Returns URL of HTTP proxy.
      • getSocketTimeout

        long getSocketTimeout()
        Returns timeout for socket waiting for data in milliseconds.
      • getConnectionTimeout

        long getConnectionTimeout()
        Returns timeout for establishing the connection with the remote host in milliseconds.
      • getConnectionTTL

        long getConnectionTTL()
        Returns the connection time-to-live