Class PicketLinkException

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    public class PicketLinkException
    extends RuntimeException

    Any exception that is raised by the security module extends from this runtime exception class, making it easy for other modules and extensions to catch all security-related exceptions in a single catch block, if need be.

    This class is used as the root instead of SecurityException to avoid confusion and potential conflicts. Eg.: many other frameworks and products (eg.: JEE containers) relies on the SecurityException to perform some special handling.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • PicketLinkException

        public PicketLinkException()
      • PicketLinkException

        public PicketLinkException​(String message,
                                   Throwable cause)
      • PicketLinkException

        public PicketLinkException​(String message)
      • PicketLinkException

        public PicketLinkException​(Throwable cause)