Class SAMLDocumentHolder

  • public class SAMLDocumentHolder
    extends Object
    A Holder class that can store the SAML object as well as the corresponding DOM object. Users of this class need to make it threadsafe by having one instance per thread (ThreadLocal)
    Aug 13, 2009
    • Constructor Detail

      • SAMLDocumentHolder

        public SAMLDocumentHolder​(SAML2Object samlObject)
      • SAMLDocumentHolder

        public SAMLDocumentHolder​(Document samlDocument)
      • SAMLDocumentHolder

        public SAMLDocumentHolder​(SAML2Object samlObject,
                                  Document samlDocument)
    • Method Detail

      • setSamlObject

        public void setSamlObject​(SAML2Object samlObject)
      • getSamlDocument

        public Document getSamlDocument()
      • setSamlDocument

        public void setSamlDocument​(Document samlDocument)