Class XMLEncryptionUtil

  • public class XMLEncryptionUtil
    extends Object
    Utility for XML Encryption Note: This utility is currently using Apache XML Security library API. JSR-106 is not yet final. Until that happens,we rely on the non-standard API.
    May 4, 2009
    • Constructor Detail

      • XMLEncryptionUtil

        public XMLEncryptionUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • encryptElement

        public static void encryptElement​(QName elementQName,
                                          Document document,
                                          PublicKey publicKey,
                                          SecretKey secretKey,
                                          int keySize,
                                          QName wrappingElementQName,
                                          boolean addEncryptedKeyInKeyInfo,
                                          String encryptionUrlForKeyUnwrap)
                                   throws ProcessingException
        Given an element in a Document, encrypt the element and replace the element in the document with the encrypted data
        elementQName - QName of the element that we like to encrypt
        document -
        publicKey -
        secretKey -
        keySize -
        wrappingElementQName - A QName of an element that will wrap the encrypted element
        addEncryptedKeyInKeyInfo - Need for the EncryptedKey to be placed in ds:KeyInfo
      • decryptElementInDocument

        public static Element decryptElementInDocument​(Document documentWithEncryptedElement,
                                                       XMLEncryptionUtil.DecryptionKeyLocator decryptionKeyLocator)
                                                throws ProcessingException
        Decrypts an encrypted element inside a document. It tries to use all keys provided by decryptionKeyLocator and if it does not succeed it throws ProcessingException.
        documentWithEncryptedElement - document containing encrypted element
        decryptionKeyLocator - decryption key locator
        the document with the encrypted element replaced by the data element
        ProcessingException - when decrypting was not successful