Class RealmsResource

  • @Path("/realms")
    public class RealmsResource
    extends Object
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    Bill Burke
    • Field Detail

      • logger

        protected static final org.jboss.logging.Logger logger
    • Constructor Detail

      • RealmsResource

        public RealmsResource()
    • Method Detail

      • realmBaseUrl

        public static realmBaseUrl​( uriInfo)
      • realmBaseUrl

        public static realmBaseUrl​( baseUriBuilder)
      • accountUrl

        public static accountUrl​( base)
      • protocolUrl

        public static protocolUrl​( uriInfo)
      • protocolUrl

        public static protocolUrl​( builder)
      • clientRegistrationUrl

        public static clientRegistrationUrl​( uriInfo)
      • brokerUrl

        public static brokerUrl​( uriInfo)
      • wellKnownProviderUrl

        public static wellKnownProviderUrl​( builder)
      • getProtocol

        public Object getProtocol​(@PathParam("realm")
                                  String name,
                                  String protocol)
      • getRedirect

        public getRedirect​(@PathParam("realm")
                                                     String realmName,
                                                     String clientId)
        Returns a temporary redirect to the client url configured for the given clientId in the given realmName.

        This allows a client to refer to other clients just by their client id in URLs, will then redirect users to the actual client url. The client url is derived according to the rules of the base url in the client configuration.

        realmName -
        clientId -
      • getLoginActionsService

        public LoginActionsService getLoginActionsService​(@PathParam("realm")
                                                          String name)
      • getClientsManagementService

        public ClientsManagementService getClientsManagementService​(@PathParam("realm")
                                                                    String name)
      • getAccountService

        public Object getAccountService​(@PathParam("realm")
                                        String name)
      • getVersionPreflight

        public getVersionPreflight​(@PathParam("realm")
                                                             String name,
                                                             String providerName)
      • getWellKnown

        public getWellKnown​(@PathParam("realm")
                                                      String name,
                                                      String alias)
      • getAuthorizationService

        public Object getAuthorizationService​(@PathParam("realm")
                                              String name)
      • resolveRealmExtension

        public Object resolveRealmExtension​(@PathParam("realm")
                                            String realmName,
                                            String extension)
        A JAX-RS sub-resource locator that uses the RealmResourceSPI to resolve sub-resources instances given an unknownPath.
        extension - a path that could be to a REST extension
        a JAX-RS sub-resource instance for the REST extension if found. Otherwise null is returned.