Class ClientsResource

  • public class ClientsResource
    extends Object
    Base resource class for managing a realm's clients.
    $Revision: 1 $
    Bill Burke
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      • logger

        protected static final org.jboss.logging.Logger logger
    • Method Detail

      • getClients

        public Stream<ClientRepresentation> getClients​(@QueryParam("clientId")
                                                       String clientId,
                                                       @QueryParam("viewableOnly") @DefaultValue("false")
                                                       boolean viewableOnly,
                                                       @QueryParam("search") @DefaultValue("false")
                                                       boolean search,
                                                       String searchQuery,
                                                       Integer firstResult,
                                                       Integer maxResults)
        Get clients belonging to the realm. If a client can't be retrieved from the storage due to a problem with the underlying storage, it is silently removed from the returned list. This ensures that concurrent modifications to the list don't prevent callers from retrieving this list.
        clientId - filter by clientId
        viewableOnly - filter clients that cannot be viewed in full by admin
        search - whether this is a search query or a getClientById query
        firstResult - the first result
        maxResults - the max results to return
      • createClient

        public createClient​(ClientRepresentation rep)
        Create a new client Client's client_id must be unique!
        rep -
      • getClient

        public ClientResource getClient​(@PathParam("id")
                                        String id)
        Base path for managing a specific client.
        id - id of client (not client-id)