Class RealmsAdminResource

  • public class RealmsAdminResource
    extends Object
    Top level resource for Admin REST API
    $Revision: 1 $
    Bill Burke
    • Field Detail

      • logger

        protected static final org.jboss.logging.Logger logger
      • noCache

        public static final noCache
    • Method Detail

      • getRealms

        public Stream<RealmRepresentation> getRealms​(@DefaultValue("false") @QueryParam("briefRepresentation")
                                                     boolean briefRepresentation)
        Get accessible realms Returns a list of accessible realms. The list is filtered based on what realms the caller is allowed to view.
      • importRealm

        public importRealm​(InputStream requestBody)
        Import a realm.

        Imports a realm from a full representation of that realm. Realm name must be unique.

      • getRealmAdmin

        public RealmAdminResource getRealmAdmin​(@PathParam("realm")
                                                String name)
        Base path for the admin REST API for one particular realm.
        headers -
        name - realm name (not id!)