Class OpenshiftSAClientAdapter

    • Method Detail

      • getClientId

        public String getClientId()
        Description copied from interface: ClientModel
        Returns client ID as defined by the user.
      • getName

        public String getName()
      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()
      • isEnabled

        public boolean isEnabled()
      • isAlwaysDisplayInConsole

        public boolean isAlwaysDisplayInConsole()
      • getWebOrigins

        public Set<String> getWebOrigins()
      • getRedirectUris

        public Set<String> getRedirectUris()
      • getManagementUrl

        public String getManagementUrl()
      • getRootUrl

        public String getRootUrl()
      • getBaseUrl

        public String getBaseUrl()
      • isBearerOnly

        public boolean isBearerOnly()
      • getNodeReRegistrationTimeout

        public int getNodeReRegistrationTimeout()
      • getClientAuthenticatorType

        public String getClientAuthenticatorType()
      • validateSecret

        public boolean validateSecret​(String secret)
      • getSecret

        public String getSecret()
      • getRegistrationToken

        public String getRegistrationToken()
      • getProtocol

        public String getProtocol()
      • getAttribute

        public String getAttribute​(String name)
      • getAuthenticationFlowBindingOverride

        public String getAuthenticationFlowBindingOverride​(String binding)
        Description copied from interface: ClientModel
        Get authentication flow binding override for this client. Allows client to override an authentication flow binding.
        binding - examples are "browser", "direct_grant"
      • getAuthenticationFlowBindingOverrides

        public Map<String,​String> getAuthenticationFlowBindingOverrides()
      • isFrontchannelLogout

        public boolean isFrontchannelLogout()
      • isFullScopeAllowed

        public boolean isFullScopeAllowed()
      • isPublicClient

        public boolean isPublicClient()
      • isConsentRequired

        public boolean isConsentRequired()
      • isDisplayOnConsentScreen

        public boolean isDisplayOnConsentScreen()
      • isStandardFlowEnabled

        public boolean isStandardFlowEnabled()
      • isImplicitFlowEnabled

        public boolean isImplicitFlowEnabled()
      • isDirectAccessGrantsEnabled

        public boolean isDirectAccessGrantsEnabled()
      • isServiceAccountsEnabled

        public boolean isServiceAccountsEnabled()
      • getClientScopes

        public Map<String,​ClientScopeModel> getClientScopes​(boolean defaultScope)
        Description copied from interface: ClientModel
        Return all default scopes (if 'defaultScope' is true) or all optional scopes (if 'defaultScope' is false) linked with this client
        map where key is the name of the clientScope, value is particular clientScope. Returns empty map if no scopes linked (never returns null).
      • getDynamicClientScope

        public ClientScopeModel getDynamicClientScope​(String scope)
        Description copied from interface: ClientModel

        Returns a ClientScopeModel associated with this client.

        This method is used as a fallback in order to let clients to resolve a scope dynamically which is not listed as default or optional scope when calling #getClientScopes(boolean, boolean).

        scope - the scope name
        the client scope
      • getNotBefore

        public int getNotBefore()
        Description copied from interface: ClientModel
        Time in seconds since epoc
      • getScopeMappingsStream

        public Stream<RoleModel> getScopeMappingsStream()
        Description copied from interface: ScopeContainerModel
        Returns scope mappings for this scope container as a stream.
        Stream of RoleModel. Never returns null.