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    public interface UserProfile

    An interface providing as an entry point for managing users.

    A UserProfile provides a manageable view for user information that also takes into account the context where it is being used. The context represents the different places in Keycloak where users are created, updated, or validated. Examples of contexts are: managing users through the Admin API, or through the Account API.

    By taking the context into account, the state and behavior of UserProfile instances depend on the context they are associated with, where validating, updating, creating, or obtaining representations of users is based on the configuration and constraints associated with a context.

    A UserProfile instance can be obtained through the UserProfileProvider.

    Markus Till
    See Also:
    UserProfileContext, UserProfileProvider
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      • update

        void update​(boolean removeAttributes,
                    AttributeChangeListener... changeListener)
             throws ValidationException

        Updates the UserModel associated with this instance. If no UserModel is associated with this instance, this operation has no effect.

        Before updating the UserModel, this method first checks whether the validate() method was previously invoked. If not, the validation step is performed prior to updating the model.

        removeAttributes - if attributes should be removed from the UserModel if they are not among the attributes associated with this instance.
        changeListener - a set of one or more listeners to listen for attribute changes
        ValidationException - in case of any validation error
      • getAttributes

        Attributes getAttributes()
        Returns the attributes associated with this instance. Note that the attributes returned by this method are not necessarily the same from the UserModel, but those that should be validated and possibly updated to the UserModel.
        the attributes associated with this instance.