Interface CredentialInputValidator

All Known Implementing Classes:
KerberosFederationProvider, LDAPStorageProvider, OTPCredentialProvider, PasswordCredentialProvider, RecoveryAuthnCodesCredentialProvider, SSSDFederationProvider, WebAuthnCredentialProvider, WebAuthnPasswordlessCredentialProvider

public interface CredentialInputValidator
Implentations of this interface can validate CredentialInput, i.e. verify a password. UserStorageProviders and CredentialProviders can implement this interface.
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Bill Burke
  • Method Details

    • supportsCredentialType

      boolean supportsCredentialType(String credentialType)
    • isConfiguredFor

      boolean isConfiguredFor(RealmModel realm, UserModel user, String credentialType)
    • isValid

      boolean isValid(RealmModel realm, UserModel user, CredentialInput credentialInput)
      Tests whether a credential is valid
      realm - The realm in which to which the credential belongs to
      user - The user for which to test the credential
      credentialInput - the credential details to verify
      true if the passed secret is correct