Class ModelIllegalStateException

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public class ModelIllegalStateException extends ModelException
Thrown when data can't be retrieved for the model. This occurs when an entity has been removed or updated in the meantime. This might wrap an optimistic lock exception depending on the store. Callers might use this exception to filter out entities that are in an illegal state, see org.keycloak.models.utils.ModelToRepresentation#toRepresentation(Stream, Function)
Alexander Schwartz
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  • Constructor Details

    • ModelIllegalStateException

      public ModelIllegalStateException()
    • ModelIllegalStateException

      public ModelIllegalStateException(String message)
    • ModelIllegalStateException

      public ModelIllegalStateException(String message, Throwable cause)
    • ModelIllegalStateException

      public ModelIllegalStateException(Throwable cause)