Interface MapAdminEventEntity

All Superinterfaces:
AbstractEntity, ExpirableEntity, UpdatableEntity
All Known Implementing Classes:
HotRodAdminEventEntity.AbstractHotRodAdminEventEntityDelegate, HotRodAdminEventEntityDelegate, JpaAdminEventEntity, JpaAdminEventMetadata, MapAdminEventEntity.AbstractAdminEventEntity, MapAdminEventEntityDelegate, MapAdminEventEntityFieldDelegate, MapAdminEventEntityImpl, MapAdminEventEntityImpl.Empty

public interface MapAdminEventEntity extends UpdatableEntity, AbstractEntity, ExpirableEntity
  • Method Details

    • getTimestamp

      Long getTimestamp()
      Returns a point in time (timestamp in milliseconds since The Epoch) when the event was created.
      a timestamp in milliseconds since The Epoch or null when the time is unknown
    • setTimestamp

      void setTimestamp(Long timestamp)
      Sets a point in the (timestamp in milliseconds since The Epoch) when this entity was created.
      timestamp - a timestamp in milliseconds since The Epoch or null when the time is unknown
    • getRealmId

      String getRealmId()
    • setRealmId

      void setRealmId(String realmId)
    • getOperationType

      OperationType getOperationType()
    • setOperationType

      void setOperationType(OperationType operationType)
    • getResourcePath

      String getResourcePath()
    • setResourcePath

      void setResourcePath(String resourcePath)
    • getRepresentation

      String getRepresentation()
    • setRepresentation

      void setRepresentation(String representation)
    • getError

      String getError()
    • setError

      void setError(String error)
    • getResourceType

      String getResourceType()
    • setResourceType

      void setResourceType(String resourceType)
    • getAuthRealmId

      String getAuthRealmId()
    • setAuthRealmId

      void setAuthRealmId(String realmId)
    • getAuthClientId

      String getAuthClientId()
    • setAuthClientId

      void setAuthClientId(String clientId)
    • getAuthUserId

      String getAuthUserId()
    • setAuthUserId

      void setAuthUserId(String userId)
    • getAuthIpAddress

      String getAuthIpAddress()
    • setAuthIpAddress

      void setAuthIpAddress(String ipAddress)