Class JpaScopeModelCriteriaBuilder

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public class JpaScopeModelCriteriaBuilder extends JpaModelCriteriaBuilder<JpaScopeEntity,Scope,JpaScopeModelCriteriaBuilder>
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    • JpaScopeModelCriteriaBuilder

      public JpaScopeModelCriteriaBuilder()
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    • compare

      public JpaScopeModelCriteriaBuilder compare(SearchableModelField<? super Scope> modelField, ModelCriteriaBuilder.Operator op, Object... value)
      Description copied from interface: ModelCriteriaBuilder
      Adds a constraint for the given model field to this criteria builder and returns a criteria builder that is combined with the the new constraint. The resulting constraint is a logical conjunction (i.e. AND) of the original constraint present in this ModelCriteriaBuilder and the given operator.
      modelField - Field on the logical model to be constrained
      op - Operator
      value - Additional operands of the operator.