Class LdapMapDn.RDN

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public static class LdapMapDn.RDN extends Object
Single RDN inside the DN. RDN usually consists of single item like "uid=john" . In some rare cases, it can have multiple sub-entries like "uid=john+sn=Doe"
  • Method Details

    • getAllKeys

      public List<String> getAllKeys()
      Keys in the RDN. Returned list is the copy, which is not linked to the original RDN
    • getAttrValue

      public String getAttrValue(String attrName)
      Assume that RDN is something like "uid=john", then this method will return "john" in case that attrName is "uid" . This is useful in case that RDN is multi-key - something like "uid=john+cn=John Doe" and we want to return just "john" as the value of "uid" The returned value will be unescaped
    • setAttrValue

      public void setAttrValue(String attrName, String newAttrValue)
    • removeAttrValue

      public boolean removeAttrValue(String attrName)
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • toString

      public String toString(boolean escaped)
      escaped - indicates whether return escaped or unescaped values. EG. "uid=john,comma" VS "uid=john\,comma"