Class AuthorizationEndpointBase

Direct Known Subclasses:
AuthorizationEndpoint, DeviceEndpoint, DockerEndpoint, SamlService

public abstract class AuthorizationEndpointBase extends Object
Common base class for Authorization REST endpoints implementation, which have to be implemented by each protocol.
Vlastimil Elias (velias at redhat dot com)
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    • createProcessor

      protected AuthenticationProcessor createProcessor(AuthenticationSessionModel authSession, String flowId, String flowPath)
    • handleBrowserAuthenticationRequest

      protected handleBrowserAuthenticationRequest(AuthenticationSessionModel authSession, LoginProtocol protocol, boolean isPassive, boolean redirectToAuthentication)
      Common method to handle browser authentication request in protocols unified way.
      authSession - for current request
      protocol - handler for protocol used to initiate login
      isPassive - set to true if login should be passive (without login screen shown)
      redirectToAuthentication - if true redirect to flow url. If initial call to protocol is a POST, you probably want to do this. This is so we can disable the back button on browser
      response to be returned to the browser
    • getAuthenticationFlow

      protected AuthenticationFlowModel getAuthenticationFlow(AuthenticationSessionModel authSession)
    • checkSsl

      protected void checkSsl()
    • checkRealm

      protected void checkRealm()
    • createAuthenticationSession

      protected AuthenticationSessionModel createAuthenticationSession(ClientModel client, String requestState)