Class RedirectUtils


public class RedirectUtils extends Object
Stian Thorgersen
  • Constructor Details

    • RedirectUtils

      public RedirectUtils()
  • Method Details

    • verifyRealmRedirectUri

      @Deprecated public static String verifyRealmRedirectUri(KeycloakSession session, String redirectUri)
      This method is deprecated for performance and security reasons and it is available just for the backwards compatibility. It is recommended to use some other methods of this class where the client is given as an argument to the method, so we know the client, which redirect-uri we are trying to resolve.
    • verifyRedirectUri

      public static String verifyRedirectUri(KeycloakSession session, String redirectUri, ClientModel client)
    • verifyRedirectUri

      public static String verifyRedirectUri(KeycloakSession session, String redirectUri, ClientModel client, boolean requireRedirectUri)
    • resolveValidRedirects

      public static Set<String> resolveValidRedirects(KeycloakSession session, String rootUrl, Set<String> validRedirects)
    • verifyRedirectUri

      public static String verifyRedirectUri(KeycloakSession session, String rootUrl, String redirectUri, Set<String> validRedirects, boolean requireRedirectUri)
    • validateRedirectUriWildcard

      public static String validateRedirectUriWildcard(String redirectUri)
    • getFirstValidRedirectUri

      public static String getFirstValidRedirectUri(KeycloakSession session, String rootUrl, Set<String> validRedirects)