Interface ClientAuthenticationFlowContext

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public interface ClientAuthenticationFlowContext extends AbstractAuthenticationFlowContext
Encapsulates information about the execution in ClientAuthenticationFlow
Marek Posolda
  • Method Details

    • getClient

      ClientModel getClient()
      Current client attached to this flow. It can return null if no client has been identified yet
    • setClient

      void setClient(ClientModel client)
      Attach a specific client to this flow.
      client -
    • getClientAuthAttributes

      Map<String,String> getClientAuthAttributes()
      Return the map where the authenticators can put some additional state related to authenticated client and the context how was client authenticated (ie. attributes from client certificate etc). Map is writable, so you can add/remove items from it as needed. After successful authentication will be those state data put into UserSession notes. This allows you to configure UserSessionNote protocol mapper for your client, which will allow to map those state data into the access token available in the application