Class JPAAuthorizationStoreFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:
AuthorizationStoreFactory, ProviderFactory<StoreFactory>

public class JPAAuthorizationStoreFactory extends Object implements AuthorizationStoreFactory
Pedro Igor
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      public static final RealmModel NULL_REALM
      Legacy store doesn't store realm id for any entity and no method there is using new introduced RealmModel parameter. The parameter was introduced for usage only in the new storage. Therefore, in some cases we may break our rule specified in JavaDoc and use null value as parameter that otherwise cannot be null. We need to be careful and place such value only to a method call that cannot end up in the new store because it would end with NullPointerException. To mark all places where we do this, we use this variable so it is easily searchable.
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    • JPAAuthorizationStoreFactory

      public JPAAuthorizationStoreFactory()
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