Interface InfinispanConnectionProvider

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public interface InfinispanConnectionProvider extends Provider
Stian Thorgersen
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    • getCache

      default <K, V> org.infinispan.Cache<K,V> getCache(String name)
      Effectively the same as getCache(String, boolean) with createIfAbsent set to true
    • getCache

      <K, V> org.infinispan.Cache<K,V> getCache(String name, boolean createIfAbsent)
      Provides an instance if Infinispan cache by name
      Type Parameters:
      K - key type
      V - value type
      name - name of the requested cache
      createIfAbsent - if true the connection provider will create the requested cache on method call if it does not exist
      return a cache instance
    • getRemoteCache

      <K, V> org.infinispan.client.hotrod.RemoteCache<K,V> getRemoteCache(String name)
      Get remote cache of given name. Could just retrieve the remote cache from the remoteStore configured in given infinispan cache and/or alternatively return the secured remoteCache (remoteCache corresponding to secured hotrod endpoint)
    • getTopologyInfo

      TopologyInfo getTopologyInfo()
      Information about cluster topology