Interface AuthenticationFlowCallback

All Superinterfaces:
Authenticator, Provider
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public interface AuthenticationFlowCallback extends Authenticator
Callback to be triggered during various lifecycle events of authentication flow. The AuthenticatorFactory, which creates this Authenticator should implement AuthenticationFlowCallbackFactory interface.
Marek Posolda
  • Method Details

    • onParentFlowSuccess

      void onParentFlowSuccess(AuthenticationFlowContext context)
      Triggered after the authentication flow is successfully finished. The target authentication flow is the one where this authenticator is configured. Authenticator should finish successfully in the flow (or being evaluated to true in case of Conditional Authenticator) in order to trigger this callback at the successful end of the flow
      context - which encapsulate various useful data
    • onTopFlowSuccess

      default void onTopFlowSuccess()
      Triggered after the top authentication flow is successfully finished. It is really suitable for last verification of successful authentication