Interface ClientModel

All Superinterfaces:
ClientScopeModel, OrderedModel, ProtocolMapperContainerModel, RoleContainerModel, ScopeContainerModel
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractClientStorageAdapter, AbstractReadOnlyClientStorageAdapter, ClientAdapter, ClientAdapter, ClientModelLazyDelegate, ClientModelLazyDelegate.WithId, OIDCClientSecretConfigWrapper.ReadOnlyRotatedSecretClientModel, UnsupportedOperationsClientStorageAdapter

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Bill Burke
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    • updateClient

      void updateClient()
      Do not use, to be removed
      Notifies other providers that this client has been updated.

      After a client is updated, providers can register for ClientModel.ClientUpdatedEvent. The setters in this model do not send an update for individual updates of the model. This method is here to allow for sending this event for this client, allowsing for to group multiple changes of a client and signal that all the changes in this client have been performed.

      See Also:
    • getId

      String getId()
      Returns client internal ID (UUID).
      Specified by:
      getId in interface ClientScopeModel
      Specified by:
      getId in interface RoleContainerModel
    • getClientId

      String getClientId()
      Returns client ID as defined by the user.
    • setClientId

      void setClientId(String clientId)
    • getName

      String getName()
      Specified by:
      getName in interface ClientScopeModel
    • setName

      void setName(String name)
      Specified by:
      setName in interface ClientScopeModel
    • getDescription

      String getDescription()
      Specified by:
      getDescription in interface ClientScopeModel
    • setDescription

      void setDescription(String description)
      Specified by:
      setDescription in interface ClientScopeModel
    • isEnabled

      boolean isEnabled()
    • setEnabled

      void setEnabled(boolean enabled)
    • isAlwaysDisplayInConsole

      boolean isAlwaysDisplayInConsole()
    • setAlwaysDisplayInConsole

      void setAlwaysDisplayInConsole(boolean alwaysDisplayInConsole)
    • isSurrogateAuthRequired

      boolean isSurrogateAuthRequired()
    • setSurrogateAuthRequired

      void setSurrogateAuthRequired(boolean surrogateAuthRequired)
    • getWebOrigins

      Set<String> getWebOrigins()
    • setWebOrigins

      void setWebOrigins(Set<String> webOrigins)
    • addWebOrigin

      void addWebOrigin(String webOrigin)
    • removeWebOrigin

      void removeWebOrigin(String webOrigin)
    • getRedirectUris

      Set<String> getRedirectUris()
    • setRedirectUris

      void setRedirectUris(Set<String> redirectUris)
    • addRedirectUri

      void addRedirectUri(String redirectUri)
    • removeRedirectUri

      void removeRedirectUri(String redirectUri)
    • getManagementUrl

      String getManagementUrl()
    • setManagementUrl

      void setManagementUrl(String url)
    • getRootUrl

      String getRootUrl()
    • setRootUrl

      void setRootUrl(String url)
    • getBaseUrl

      String getBaseUrl()
    • setBaseUrl

      void setBaseUrl(String url)
    • isBearerOnly

      boolean isBearerOnly()
    • setBearerOnly

      void setBearerOnly(boolean only)
    • getNodeReRegistrationTimeout

      int getNodeReRegistrationTimeout()
    • setNodeReRegistrationTimeout

      void setNodeReRegistrationTimeout(int timeout)
    • getClientAuthenticatorType

      String getClientAuthenticatorType()
    • setClientAuthenticatorType

      void setClientAuthenticatorType(String clientAuthenticatorType)
    • validateSecret

      boolean validateSecret(String secret)
    • getSecret

      String getSecret()
    • setSecret

      void setSecret(String secret)
    • getRegistrationToken

      String getRegistrationToken()
    • setRegistrationToken

      void setRegistrationToken(String registrationToken)
    • getProtocol

      String getProtocol()
      Specified by:
      getProtocol in interface ClientScopeModel
    • setProtocol

      void setProtocol(String protocol)
      Specified by:
      setProtocol in interface ClientScopeModel
    • setAttribute

      void setAttribute(String name, String value)
      Specified by:
      setAttribute in interface ClientScopeModel
    • removeAttribute

      void removeAttribute(String name)
      Specified by:
      removeAttribute in interface ClientScopeModel
    • getAttribute

      String getAttribute(String name)
      Specified by:
      getAttribute in interface ClientScopeModel
    • getAttributes

      Map<String,String> getAttributes()
      Specified by:
      getAttributes in interface ClientScopeModel
    • getAuthenticationFlowBindingOverride

      String getAuthenticationFlowBindingOverride(String binding)
      Get authentication flow binding override for this client. Allows client to override an authentication flow binding.
      binding - examples are "browser", "direct_grant"
    • getAuthenticationFlowBindingOverrides

      Map<String,String> getAuthenticationFlowBindingOverrides()
    • removeAuthenticationFlowBindingOverride

      void removeAuthenticationFlowBindingOverride(String binding)
    • setAuthenticationFlowBindingOverride

      void setAuthenticationFlowBindingOverride(String binding, String flowId)
    • isFrontchannelLogout

      boolean isFrontchannelLogout()
    • setFrontchannelLogout

      void setFrontchannelLogout(boolean flag)
    • isFullScopeAllowed

      boolean isFullScopeAllowed()
    • setFullScopeAllowed

      void setFullScopeAllowed(boolean value)
    • hasDirectScope

      default boolean hasDirectScope(RoleModel role)
      Description copied from interface: ScopeContainerModel
      Returns true, if this object has the given role directly in its scope.
      Specified by:
      hasDirectScope in interface ScopeContainerModel
      role - the role
      see description
      See Also:
    • isPublicClient

      boolean isPublicClient()
    • setPublicClient

      void setPublicClient(boolean flag)
    • isConsentRequired

      boolean isConsentRequired()
    • setConsentRequired

      void setConsentRequired(boolean consentRequired)
    • isStandardFlowEnabled

      boolean isStandardFlowEnabled()
    • setStandardFlowEnabled

      void setStandardFlowEnabled(boolean standardFlowEnabled)
    • isImplicitFlowEnabled

      boolean isImplicitFlowEnabled()
    • setImplicitFlowEnabled

      void setImplicitFlowEnabled(boolean implicitFlowEnabled)
    • isDirectAccessGrantsEnabled

      boolean isDirectAccessGrantsEnabled()
    • setDirectAccessGrantsEnabled

      void setDirectAccessGrantsEnabled(boolean directAccessGrantsEnabled)
    • isServiceAccountsEnabled

      boolean isServiceAccountsEnabled()
    • setServiceAccountsEnabled

      void setServiceAccountsEnabled(boolean serviceAccountsEnabled)
    • getRealm

      RealmModel getRealm()
      Specified by:
      getRealm in interface ClientScopeModel
    • addClientScope

      void addClientScope(ClientScopeModel clientScope, boolean defaultScope)
      Add clientScope with this client. Add it as default scope (if parameter 'defaultScope' is true) or optional scope (if parameter 'defaultScope' is false)
      clientScope -
      defaultScope -
    • addClientScopes

      void addClientScopes(Set<ClientScopeModel> clientScopes, boolean defaultScope)
      Add clientScopes with this client. Add as default scopes (if parameter 'defaultScope' is true) or optional scopes (if parameter 'defaultScope' is false)
      clientScopes -
      defaultScope -
    • removeClientScope

      void removeClientScope(ClientScopeModel clientScope)
    • getClientScopes

      Map<String,ClientScopeModel> getClientScopes(boolean defaultScope)
      Return all default scopes (if 'defaultScope' is true) or all optional scopes (if 'defaultScope' is false) linked with this client
      defaultScope -
      map where key is the name of the clientScope, value is particular clientScope. Returns empty map if no scopes linked (never returns null).
    • getDynamicClientScope

      default ClientScopeModel getDynamicClientScope(String scope)

      Returns a ClientScopeModel associated with this client.

      This method is used as a fallback in order to let clients to resolve a scope dynamically which is not listed as default or optional scope when calling #getClientScopes(boolean, boolean).

      scope - the scope name
      the client scope
    • getNotBefore

      int getNotBefore()
      Time in seconds since epoc
    • setNotBefore

      void setNotBefore(int notBefore)
    • getRegisteredNodes

      Map<String,Integer> getRegisteredNodes()
    • registerNode

      void registerNode(String nodeHost, int registrationTime)
      Register node or just update the 'lastReRegistration' time if this node is already registered
      nodeHost -
      registrationTime -
    • unregisterNode

      void unregisterNode(String nodeHost)
    • isDisplayOnConsentScreen

      default boolean isDisplayOnConsentScreen()
      Specified by:
      isDisplayOnConsentScreen in interface ClientScopeModel
    • getConsentScreenText

      default String getConsentScreenText()
      Specified by:
      getConsentScreenText in interface ClientScopeModel