Class CacheManager

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RealmCacheManager, StoreFactoryCacheManager, UserCacheManager

public abstract class CacheManager extends Object
Some notes on how this works: This implementation manages optimistic locking and version checks itself. The reason is Infinispan just does behave the way we need it to. Not saying Infinispan is bad, just that we have specific caching requirements! This is an invalidation cache implementation and requires to caches: Cache 1 is an Invalidation Cache Cache 2 is a local-only revision number cache. Each node in the cluster maintains its own revision number cache for each entry in the main invalidation cache. This revision cache holds the version counter for each cached entity. Cache listeners do not receive a @CacheEntryInvalidated event if that node does not have an entry for that item. So, consider the following. 1. Node 1 gets current counter for user. There currently isn't one as this user isn't cached. 2. Node 1 reads user from DB 3. Node 2 updates user 4. Node 2 calls cache.remove(user). This does not result in an invalidation listener event to node 1! 5. node 1 checks version counter, checks pass. Stale entry is cached. The issue is that Node 1 doesn't have an entry for the user, so it never receives an invalidation listener event from Node 2 thus it can't bump the version. So, when node 1 goes to cache the user it is stale as the version number was never bumped. So how is this issue fixed? here is pseudo code: 1. Node 1 calls cacheManager.getCurrentRevision() to get the current local version counter of that User 2. Node 1 getCurrentRevision() pulls current counter for that user 3. Node 1 getCurrentRevision() adds a "invalidation.key.userid" to invalidation cache. Its just a marker. nothing else 4. Node 2 update user 5. Node 2 does a cache.remove(user) cache.remove(invalidation.key.userid) 6. Node 1 receives invalidation event for invalidation.key.userid. Bumps the version counter for that user 7. node 1 version check fails, it doesn't cache the user
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Bill Burke
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    • getLogger

      protected abstract org.jboss.logging.Logger getLogger()
    • getCache

      public org.infinispan.Cache<String,Revisioned> getCache()
    • getCurrentCounter

      public long getCurrentCounter()
    • getCurrentRevision

      public Long getCurrentRevision(String id)
    • endRevisionBatch

      public void endRevisionBatch()
    • get

      public <T extends Revisioned> T get(String id, Class<T> type)
    • invalidateObject

      public Object invalidateObject(String id)
    • bumpVersion

      protected void bumpVersion(String id)
    • addRevisioned

      public void addRevisioned(Revisioned object, long startupRevision)
    • addRevisioned

      public void addRevisioned(Revisioned object, long startupRevision, long lifespan)
    • clear

      public void clear()
    • addInvalidations

      public void addInvalidations(Predicate<Map.Entry<String,Revisioned>> predicate, Set<String> invalidations)
    • sendInvalidationEvents

      public void sendInvalidationEvents(KeycloakSession session, Collection<InvalidationEvent> invalidationEvents, String eventKey)
    • invalidationEventReceived

      public void invalidationEventReceived(InvalidationEvent event)
    • addInvalidationsFromEvent

      protected abstract void addInvalidationsFromEvent(InvalidationEvent event, Set<String> invalidations)