Class AbstractLastSessionRefreshStore

Direct Known Subclasses:
CrossDCLastSessionRefreshStore, PersisterLastSessionRefreshStore

public abstract class AbstractLastSessionRefreshStore extends Object
Abstract "store" for bulk sending of the updates related to lastSessionRefresh
Marek Posolda
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractLastSessionRefreshStore

      protected AbstractLastSessionRefreshStore(int maxIntervalBetweenMessagesSeconds, int maxCount)
  • Method Details

    • putLastSessionRefresh

      public void putLastSessionRefresh(KeycloakSession kcSession, String sessionId, String realmId, int lastSessionRefresh)
    • reset

      public void reset()
    • sendMessage

      protected abstract void sendMessage(KeycloakSession kcSession, Map<String,SessionData> refreshesToSend)
      Bulk update the underlying store with all the user sessions, which were refreshed by Keycloak since the last call of this method
      kcSession -
      refreshesToSend - Key is userSession ID, SessionData are data about the session