Class DockerComposeYamlFile


public class DockerComposeYamlFile extends Object
Representation of the docker-compose.yaml file
  • Constructor Details

    • DockerComposeYamlFile

      public DockerComposeYamlFile(String registryDataDirName, String localCertDirName, String containerCertPath, String localhostCrtFileName, String localhostKeyFileName, String authServerTrustChainFileName, URL authServerUrl, String realmName, String serviceId)
      registryDataDirName - Directory name to be used for both the container's storage directory, as well as the local data directory name
      localCertDirName - Name of the (relative) local directory that holds the certs
      containerCertPath - Path at which the local certs directory should be mounted on the container
      localhostCrtFileName - SSL Cert file name for the registry
      localhostKeyFileName - SSL Key file name for the registry
      authServerTrustChainFileName - IDP trust chain, used for auth token validation
      authServerUrl - Root URL for Keycloak, commonly something like http://localhost:8080/auth for dev environments
      realmName - Name of the realm for which the docker client is configured
      serviceId - Docker's Service ID, corresponds to Keycloak's client ID
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    • generateDockerComposeFileBytes

      public byte[] generateDockerComposeFileBytes()